Amelia Brown, Gabrielle Brown, and Cody Maxwell at the Collin County Horse Judging Contest March 16, 2013. Amelia placed 2nd overall in the Senior division and Gabrielle placed 4th in the intermediate division.

Welcome to Delta County

Delta County was created on July 29, 1870, from parts of Lamar and Hopkins counties between the South and North Sulphur Rivers. In Northeast Texas, Delta County is triangular shaped like the forth letter of the Greek Alphabet, hence the name. It is the fifth smallest county in the state, containing 261 square miles. Cooper, the county seat, is named after State Senator L.W. Cooper, who was instrumental in getting the bill passed in the State Senate for it’s creation.

Demographically, projections for Delta County show a slight increase. In 1996, its population was 4,893 which ranked 203rd in the state. Historically there about 200 more females than males in Delta County. The largest group of people range from 18-64 years old and predominately Anglo (89%) followed by Black (9%).

The annual gross agricultural production raises between 13 to 20 million dollars. This production is derived primarily from beef production, hay production, and agronomic crops of soybeans, corn, wheat and grain sorghum.

Recreationally, Delta County has Cooper Lake, a 19,000 acre improvement opened in November 1992. The Corp of Engineers lake provides fishing, boating and camping opportunities. A lake park, Doctors Creek State Park provides cabins and camp sites, boat launching facilities, swimming areas, barbeque grills and covered table areas. Big Creek Lake provides the City of Cooper water and fishing opportunities. There are 2 new cabin facilities that allow for overnight stays. Plans are also under way for construction of an amphitheater and cultural arts center. There are two lodges located on the west side of the county and 3 bed and breakfast facilities available for overnight stay.

Mission Of Extension In Delta County

It is the mission of the Texas Cooperative Extension in Delta County to provide the most reliable and unbiased information in a broad variety of subject matter areas to the citizens of Delta County.

Furthermore the Texas Cooperative Extension plans activities and educational programs through the use of volunteers that serve on program area committees within subject areas of beef and forage, crops, horticulture, economic development and 4-H and youth development.